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1 x 1 bed flat, 1 x 2 bed flat, 1 x 2 bed house & 1 x 1 bed house. Ring 01759 306262 to register your interest.


Contact the Office to register your requirements for rental properties in our area

Sweetmove offer an all inclusive fee for landlords needing a fully managed service. This includes:
- Visiting the property to take full details and photographs
- All advertising on, and
- For Let Board
- Gas Certificate and EPC arranged
- Schedule of Condition / Inventory
- Accompanied viewings
- References checks on each individual tenant (Immigrations checks)
- Deposit transferred to the Deposit Protection Service
- Tenancy Agreement
- Collection of Rent and Deposit less Sweetmove's fees will be paid via BACS and a statement will be sent to you within 5 working days of the tenancy commencing
- Checking in and out of tenants taking meter readings
Ongoing services for Full Managed Properties
- Property checks at regular intervals with a report to the landlord
- Arrangement of repairs/ maintenance at the property of which you will always be notified
- Rent increases
- Tenancy renewals
- General administrative advice
- Rent arrears communication if applicable
Sweetmove's Tenant Find Only Service
- Visiting the property to take full details and photographs All advertising on, and
- For Let Board
- Accompanied viewings
- Reference checks on each individual tenant (Immigration checks)
- Deposit transferred to the Deposit Protection Service or landlord preferred scheme
- Tenancy Agreement
- Collection of the first month's Rent and Deposit less Sweetemove's fees will be paid via BACS and a statement will be sent to you within 5 working days of the tenancy commencing
Sweetmove can arrange for you
- EPC and gas certificates
- Inventory and Schedule of Conditions (please contact our Office for the separate charges for these)

Other Services
- Energy Performance Certificates
As of the 1st October 2008 all landlords are required by law to provide an Energy Performance Certificate for all buildings or parts of buildings when they are rented.
An EPC gives prospective tenants information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a building to tenants can consider energy efficiency when deciding to rent a property. All EPCs come with a recommendation report which includes advice and suggestions on improvements you could make to save money and energy.
EPCs are valid for ten years and we can arrange for an EPC inspector to carry out this service.

- Gas Certificates
Under the Gas Safety (installation and use) regulations 1994 you are responsible for ensuring that all gas appliances have been inspected by a qualified gas engineer on an annual basis to ensure that they are safe to use. We can arrange inspections should you need us to.

- Electrical Inspections
It is good practice to arrange for an electrical check by a qualified electrician every five years. You have an obligation for ensuring that all electrical systems and supplied appliances are safe to use. We can arrange inspections should you need us to.

- Credit reference checks
For peace of mind we can carry out additional credit reference checks.

- Managed fees only (no let needed)
If your property is currently let and you wish to transfer to our agency, there are no initial charges. Our normal management fee will apply.

- Check in and out of tenants including meter readings
If you have a tenant, or found your own tenant, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

- Inventories
If you require an inventory or a schedule of condition of your property, we are happy to carry out this service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

- Rent Collection only
If you want us to collect your rent and then forward it on to you, we will be happy to carry out this service for you

- Project Management
We offer a Full Project Management service to take away the stresses of property development, on refurbishment of your property in preparation for letting.

For any of the above services, please contact Sweetmove Lettings and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Under Section 22 of the Immigration Act 2014 a landlord must not
authorise an adult to occupy property as their only or main home under
a residential tenancy agreement unless the adult is a British citizen, or
European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national, or has a Right to Rent
in the UK.

The law introduces a requirement from 1 February 2016 for all landlords
of private rental accommodation in England to carry out Right to Rent
checks for new tenancy agreements to determine whether occupiers
aged 18 and over have the right to live in the UK legally.

NOTE: The law does not apply to children (under the age of 18) living at
the property and you only need to check people who will be using your
property as their only or main home. You do need to conduct checks on
all adult occupiers not just the tenancy holder.
You need to make Right to Rent checks if you are a private landlord; have
a lodger; are sub-letting a property; are an agent appointed by a landlord
to make Right to Rent checks.
Any occupier who sub-lets all or part of their accommodation to a person
for money will be classed as landlord under the law and liable for penalty.
However, the sub-letter can ask their landlord to accept responsibility for
conducting checks and this agreement should be made in writing.
In addition, under the law landlords can agree in writing with an agent
who is responsible for conducting checks and so liable to a penalty. The
agent can then carry out the checks and where necessary, make a report
to the Home Office. The agent must also report back to the landlord. If
an agent's Terms of Business state they will undertake reference checks
on the tenant, the agent will become liable for the Right to Rent checks.
Clauses which attempt to remove the liability for Right to Rent checks will
not remove liability.

New Obligations for Residential Landlords From 1st October 2015 new regulations require that landlords in the UK private rental sector must ensure that:

- at least one smoke alarm is fitted on each floor of the rented premises;
- a carbon monoxide alarm is equipped in any room which contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance (e.g. coal fire, wood burning stove);
- both types of alarms are in proper working order on the first day of any new tenancy (though after this first test, it is then the tenant's responsibility to test all alarms regularly to ensure they are in working order).
Should a landlord fail to comply with any of these three duties, they can face a penalty of up to £5000.

This does not apply to licensed Houses of Multiple Occupations as existing legislation imposes similar obligations, nor do they apply to social housing landlords and live-in landlords.

The Government have also announced that from 1 February 2016 all private landlords in England will have to check that new tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out their property ('Right to Rent').
Private landlords (including those who sub-let or take in a lodger) will have to check the status of prospective tenants (and other authorised occupiers), to determine whether those parties have the right to occupy the premises before granting a tenancy. Landlords must also ensure that someone's right to occupy the premises does not lapse.
Landlords who fail to check will face penalties of up to £3000 per tenant.

To complete a check, a landlord must:

- check that adult tenant(s) will live in the property as their only/main home.
- ask the tenant(s) for the original documentation to show they have the right to be in the UK (e.g. passport or identity card, certificate of registration or naturalisation as a British citizen).
- Check the documents are valid with the tenant present.
- Make and keep copies of the documents and record the date the check was made.

If a tenant has an outstanding immigration application or appeal with the Home Office, a right to rent check can be requested from the Home Office.

SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS The latest Alarm Legislation (effective as of 1st October 2015)

Smoke alarms
During any period beginning on or after 1st October 2015 while the rental property is occupied under a tenancy (or licence), the landlord must ensure that a smoke alarm is installed and working on each floor on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation.

A living room will include a lounge, dining room and kitchen as well as a bathroom or toilet. It also includes a hall or landing. This means that a smoke alarm must be provided in working order on each storey. Since the regulation relates to each storey in the premises, this suggests that a separate alarm is not needed on a half landing. As regards to individual flats located on one floor, there will have to be at least one alarm within the flat itself or alternatively these are provided outside the flat on the same floor of the building, i.e. a communal alarm.

Likewise, for flats comprising more than one storey, there will need to be a smoke alarm on each floor.

Note that heat detectors are not a replacement for smoke alarms.

Carbon Monoxide alarms
A carbon monoxide alarm must also be provided by the landlord in any room which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and which contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance e.g.
wood burning stove or an open log or coal fire, or solid fuel Aga.

It is currently not required to install an alarm in the same room as / in the vicinity of a gas boiler, but this would also be a useful and logical precaution.

DEPOSIT The Deposit on this property will be held by the Deposit Protection Service. - (for the terms and conditions)

The contact details are:

The Deposit Protection Service, (The DPS)
The Pavillions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6AA

Telephone: 0844 4727 000

FEES TO LANDLORDS Independent Redress provided by "The Property Ombudsman".

Tenant Find: £300 Including VAT

Rent Collection: 9.6% Including VAT

Fully Managed £300 including VAT + 12% of the Rent Including VAT

Inventory Fee to be discussed

Deposit Registration Fee: Included

Additional Property Visits: £60 Including VAT (outside the agreed inspection schedule)

Submission of non-resident landlords receipts to HMRC £50 Including VAT quarterly

Arrangement Fee for works over £500 - 10% of net costs

Arrangement Fee for refurbishments over £500 - 10% of net costs

Renewal Fee Landlords Share £80 Including VAT

Check out Fee if Non Managed property £60 Including VAT

Court Attendance £120 Including VAT per hour

FEES TO TENANTS Permitted Occupier £60 including VAT if required

Accompanied Check in Fee £60 including VAT if required

Pet Deposit, returnable additional security deposit of £100 if required

Check Out Fee £60 including VAT if required

Future landlord reference £20 including VAT if required

Out of hours services £50 per hour including VAT plus any actual costs incurred where the actions of the tenant results in the agent or nominated contractor attending the property

Unpaid Rent / Returned Payments - Interest at 8% above Bank of England Base Rate from date due

Professional Cleaning (if required £25 per hour including VAT which will be deducted from the security deposit. Only charged where professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same condition at the start of the tenancy